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Can Medical Doctors Diagnose Mental Disorders | Medical Doctoral and Psychological Issues

Can Medical Doctors Diagnose Mental Disorders | Medical Doctoral and Psychological Issues

You can get an idea of ​​how important it is to take care of mental health just by sitting at your nearest medical doctor for an hour and listening to the medical history of the patients who come to him.

You will find every second patient with ailments like sleep disorder, muscle spasm, blood pressure, hypertension, nervousness and stomach upset. You will also come in contact with patients with complaints of heart disease, diabetes, stroke and early signs of infection.

But the most surprising thing is that all these patients will be aged between twenty five and forty, which is a period of age in which human immunity is at its peak. So its automatically takes care of any minor disease tendency. Instead of breathing up on the stairs of doctor's clinics and hospitals.


Since we have seen and learned from our childhood that in case of any disease we should get treatment only from the doctor who hangs the stethoscope around the neck and juggles the injection and drip with medicines. 

Therefore, whenever we fall sick, we immediately rush to the clinic or hospital of a doctor who prescribes medicines after checking us. A look at the medications prescribed for all such patients includes sleep-enhancing medications, muscle relaxants, as well as medications Which reduces depression, panic attacks and anxiety.

When a medical doctor prescribes drugs that have less to do with a medical illness and more to alleviate a psychological illness, it does not mean that the psychological issues are caused by the medical illness.

Rather, it actually means that the psychological issues that were not addressed and ignored have now taken shape and have distorted all other functions of the body. Those functions are now emerging as a medical disease.

The patient does not know much about medicine, which medicine is for which disease, he is just happy that he has been checked by a great doctor, this satisfaction of his greatest happiness. 

While asking the doctor what is the diagnosis of the disease and what medicines have been given accordingly. It is considered not only against our medical ethics but also considered as an insulting act.

The real problem is that most medical professionals do not make it clear to their patients that their problem is caused by their stress and poor mental health habits. 

On the other hand, today's educated people are also denying the importance of the fact that most of their medical issues are due to not giving importance to their mental health.

Due to the lack of proper and correct diagnosis by doctors regarding mental health and the mistake of ignorance, lack of attention, disregard and not giving importance to mental health on the part of the patient. The patient leads to a disease that has treatment is not just a matter of ordinary doctors. And one has to go to big hospitals for treatment.

If timely referred to a psychiatrist for proper diagnosis and counseling for mental health care, Many problems can be cured without medication.

People have such unrealistic views and thoughts regarding the deterioration of mental health. According to them, mental health disorders can only happen due to a major cause that destroys the human mind. 

While this ignorance of reality prevents them from thinking that mental health disorders are caused by daily behaviors, emotional agitation, and emotional imbalance. To understand this better, it is important to understand the magical disease like stress.

Stress has become a fashionable word. And it is being used as a common colloquial word from children to adults. 

What is the reality of stress and what are its physical, psychological and emotional effects, we can know that it is the poison that we are sipping from moment to moment and our entire immune system pledged in the hands of most diseases. 

Stress affects our bodily functions so badly that no one can endure it for long in a healthy state. And it pushes us to a situation where sometimes the blood pressure system is going bad, sometimes breathing problems, sometimes the sugar level goes haywire, sometimes it prevents the muscles from working properly. 

Then all these together attack sleep and hunger, which start a new battle between bodily functions, and the person thinks that stress can't spoil anything.

Such an illogical thought would have strengthened our belief that the disease is spread only by germs. In today's era, stress is not for any major reason, but also for very small things. 

Understanding and learning stress management not only prevents medical ailments but also paves the way for a quality life that invites life's joy and duality.

Credit: Tanveer Sajeel, Psychologist and Life Coach


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