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Major Biographical Method in Psychology

In this article we will discuss biographical method in psychology. There are two major biographical methods in psychology. 
The first biographical method in psychology is day book method, and the second biographical method in psychology is writing history of life.
Furthermore we will discuss here biographical method in psychology example. 

1. Day Book Method/ Diary Method

What is biographical research method | What is biographical method | What is day book method

This method is commonly used to monitor the growth of children. Daily observations of the child's development are recorded.

What is biographical data in research - Like a child learning to sit, stand, walk and talk for the first time.

With the help of the facts collected in this way, psychologists have set a standard for the normal development of children.

This method records not only the physical but also the mental, emotional and psychological development of the child. And all kinds of information about the child is compiled.

Let us now take a brief look at mental, emotional and social development.

Mental Development

What is biographical method of teaching - If teachers and parents have a thorough knowledge of mental development, they can be of great help to children. 

In this regard, the following things should be taken care of:

Reasonable Rating/ Grading

The best way to ranking in an institution is to test the children according to their mental maturity/ mental level.

So that both the teacher and the students do not feel any discomfort about education. The daily record shows gradual progress.

Appropriate Teaching Method

The method of education should be made pleasant, interesting and effective in such a way that it highlights the mental abilities and creative powers of the children.

Children have individuality, so get complete information about them. Each child's record will show where he or she is compared to other children.

Correct Language

Proper use of language is very important in mental development. At home and at school, children should be kept in an environment and company that allows them to adapt their language to the right and creative patterns.

When the child started speaking, which words and phrases did he play first - Her school performance and enrollment record also help guide children in the right direction. That's why parents and teachers try to keep the record as the child progresses.

Clear Thinking and Reasoning

In some children, the habit of clear thinking and reasoning is evident from an early age. It involves a lot of hard work and training from parents and teachers.

Helping children develop the ability to understand and overcome their shortcomings. Daily records inspire children to move forward.

Creative Hobbies

It looks at the age at which a child tries to take an interest in various creative pursuits such as reading, photography, poetry, drama, debate and educational sports, and the effects it has on mental development.

Mental Development Problems

Parents and teachers usually do not pay special attention to children with poor intelligence in their day book method/ diary procedures. These children are usually completely ignored or reprimanded all the time. Both of these behaviors are harmful to children.

The day book method/ diary method of such children should be kept with care and attention. Because these children need special attention and extraordinary compassion.

Such children should be avoided to punishment, and they should avoid feeling deprived.

Mentally retarded and dull-witted children should be given the easiest tasks which they can do well. Keeping a record of their initial success will give them better guidance, and encourage them to pursue more. Which, of course, made the change an overnight sensation.

Emotional Growth

Emotional development is very important in children. Emotions affect children's character and performance. According to Dr. J. B. Watson, every child is born with three types of emotions: love, fear and anger.

The child expresses love to parents, siblings, he expresses it on some different occasions. This love helps him to become the best person in the society. Due to this, self-confidence increases.

Jumping the baby in air alone or holding him in arms will make him frightened. If the child's small needs are not met, he will express anger, or if his things or toys are taken away from him, he will also express anger.

In the day book method/ diary method we have to look at when and how the child first expressed love, affection, fear or anger. Every child has their own style, and their expressions vary time to time. That's why parents and teachers keep guiding their children.

Social Development

Man is a social animal, he lives in society happily. While living in the society, he demonstrates his abilities. Outside of society, he feels insecure.

What is social development - Social development means instilling in the child a sense that he or she considers himself an important member of society and adheres to the principles of society.

Keeping a record of social development adapts the child's character to social norms. Because here the child guided and helped step by step, Which shows good manners and good habits.

The second biographical method in psychology is as following:

2. Method of History Writing of Life

In the method of history/biography writing, the living conditions of great celebrities are studied in depth. This is an attempt to find out the circumstances under which an individual has attained a position which becomes enviable for others as well.

His special character and way of life came to the fore because of the circumstances. What steps did they have to go through to reach this place?

In order to know their living conditions, personal characteristics are taken from their own written diaries, writings, letters and speeches. Help is also sought from other people's opinions and writings about these entities.

The information that comes out about them from time to time is used. Attempts are made to find out what the circumstances were, how they were educated and trained.

Their economic and social conditions are assessed. Different characteristics are compared about their habits and manners. Their moral values are tested. In order to gather information in every possible way, so that these series can be nurtured.

Then an attempt is made to determine the factors by which these people got their names and their names were written in the golden letters of history forever.

This history/biography writing method also collects psychological information about individuals. History writing is of two kinds, one autobiographical and the other written by another person. The individual is studied through these two types of history.

Notable in this regard is Thorndike, who collected information about 91 celebrities through their histories/biographies. Also, gather information from their lives and speeches. In the light of this information, he collected forty-eight personal characteristics.

They had important qualities like intelligence, endurance, perseverance, courage, enthusiasm, sincerity, compassion, brotherhood, love, and aesthetic sense. Thorndike tried to find out to what extent these people had all these qualities that made them famous.

Biographical Method Advantages and Disadvantages

The method of history/biography writing has the following shortcomings:

1. An autobiographer can distort the events of his life. Because it is human nature that man seeks his own superiority, exaggerates his good things and hides his shortcomings. Each person's influence and environment is different.

His needs, desires and aspirations are different from others. Sometimes he offers such interpretations of himself that only one side of the picture emerges.

2. In someone else's written history, the writer's prejudice, likes and dislikes and social inclinations distort the form of truth. Because prejudice already exists, there is no need to investigate events.

History is usually incomplete, and making it difficult to draw accurate conclusions.

Conclusion/ Result

The day book method/ diary method has very encouraging results. The writing diary improves child's performance day by day. Keeping a record of abilities and talents makes them shine.


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